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There are a number of things that you can do and in many ways that you can get involved and gain experience in the work we do at Embrace UK There’s a great and challenging place for you! One that is rewarding and meaningful!

You can learn more about our volunteer scheme and the volunteer policy at Embrace UK through the links given. If you want to know more about us drop us a quick e-mail. Our e-mail address is post@embraceuk.org

We know that your time is valuable. So, please know that your time and assistance is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Golden Lives

We are looking for Volunteers to help run this project, We are very interested to hear of those who speak community languages such as Turkish, Somali, Greek, Urdu, French, Spanish...etc. We have a particular need for:

Volunteer Project Support Assistant

All requirements detailed below in this specification are deemed to be essential criteria for the post of Volunteer Project Support Assistant unless otherwise stated.

Knowledge of:

  • Office and clerical work including digital platform usage.
  • Issues affecting older people from BAMER communities of all genders.
Skills and Abilities:
  • Working on own initiative, prioritising and target setting.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of service users within the Embrace UK policy areas and in all matters that relate to information gained as a result of their employment with Embrace UK including matters relating to other members of staff, service users and members of the public and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Experience of:
  • Working in a co-ordination role particularly in the older people, community or care sector.
  • Working with people who are non-English speaking.
  • Ability to speak other languages (French, Turkish, Arabic, Somali, Amharic...etc).
  • IT literate and Digital platform savvy.
  • Opportunity to obtain a reference at the end of the project.
Advert for Golden Lives Service Project Support Assistant

This role is flexible and can be undertaken at the centre and on a remote-basis.
Activities will operate from Embrace UK.
Location: Selby Centre, Selby Road N17 8JL
Operational expenses provided.

To express your interest, please contact Alice:
E-mail: alice@embraceuk.org
Tel: 020 8801 9224
Mobile: 07448549756

Embrace UK's Volunteer's Stories

Interview with an Embrace UK volunteer:

Messages from Volunteers:

"I have been coming to Embrace since 2010 and I would like to say that I have enjoyed coming to Embrace and I have really enjoyed the service I have received from them and how much fun I have had...I have really enjoyed volunteering for Embrace and the organisation really made me feel quite organised in some aspects, I would like to thank Chris and Marisca for all their help it has been a pleasure meeting them and the organisation. Through my experience I was able to find a job. Thanks."

- O.H.

"I started volunteering during my gap year whilst applying to medical school. The staff at Embrace UK gave me the opportunity to lead talks about various health topics. I worked along side the youth health team to lead talks at youth clubs and colleges, where I met people from different backgrounds. The training they provided, allowed me to develop my communication and inter-professional skills, and has definitely helped me in my first year of medical school."

- B.S.

"......... organisations like Embrace UK are important to communities, especially one like Tottenham. 'Embrace' provides connotations of, communities being supported and provided a better and safer life - Embracing Diversity and Changing Lives. ...... Embrace UK enabled me to develop skills and help the community. ........ Without Embrace UK I would never have created Youth Speak which ran for four summers over a six week period and aimed to encourage young people to discuss political issues. It was a needed project, one that would not have worked without the support of Embrace UK and volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Alem and all her staff members, but in particular volunteers past and present. Twenty years is a fantastic achievement and I will always cite Embrace UK as being part of my own personal development."

- M.K-I

"The (Sports Leaders Award) programme has helped me have more confidence and ability in myself when it comes to delivering sports to other young people my age and younger. I have more belief in myself also. The tutor was very good and had a lot of experience and taught me a lot about coaching fitness and training."

- T